As usual when I’m a bit slow on the updates I blame it on work, it looks like things could begin to pick up the pace now. For instance, I’ve made a billing gateway that went into production yesterday, and I’m working on a few stability issues on it. I’m also in the middle of making an XML-FTP API, which might turn out to be quite neat.

Of things that have happened over the last couple of days, I guess it’s worth mentioning that I met with Hege on Tuesday. The last time I met her alone was about a year ago, and that’s a bit sad, because she’s a great person and I work with her boyfriend every single day so I guess it wouldn’t kill me to try to get to see her more often.

Today I went out with Hans Olav and one of the girls he lives with and had a cup of coffee. Good times. Hans Olav is one of the two people I’m adding to the cast when I get the time. Guess who the other one is.

Tomorrow Kine is coming to Oslo with a friend, so I might meet up with her, on Saturday I’m working and going to a Halloween party and I’m hopefully taking Sunday off.

Life lately has generally been Good Times. Except for the odd - and thankfully very short - ride on the Emotional Roller Coaster.

My X3 chip arrived today. Unfortunately, I don’t have the soldering skills to install it (maybe it’s solderless, I’m not sure), nor a new hard drive or a switch and a network cable that I’ll need to hook the box up to the local network. Maybe I’ll just get one of those wireless adapters.

Cali es Cali are having a Halloween special, and because of that I’ll post a picture for you, even if it’s not Friday. Enjoy.

Alejandra Restrepo from Cali es Cali (