Getting Ready for Summer

Spring has finally arrived, which means that this year’s summer is not that far away. Like a lot of people, perhaps including yourself, I’m preparing. I’m not taking the convertible out from storage or preparing the sail boat because I have neither. I’m getting some new t-shirts.

To be honest I’m not much of a t-shirt guy - you could break my chicken-arms without much effort - and I usually buy them in 3-packs at $9.95, but every now and then I go nuts and get a few special ones from Threadless. They have a wide range of illustrated t-shirts, most of them way too far out for me, although some of them are of the kind I feel I can wear in public.

Today I ordered these designs:

[![](threadless_communist_party.jpg)]( [![](threadless_haikus.jpg)](

The one to the left is nothing special until I tell you what the designer called it: The Communist Party. Oh, the pun! The pun! Hilarious. That Karl Marx sure knows how to party. The t-shirt to the right probably doesn’t need an explanation, but if you feel you have to read up on Haikus, Wikipedia has an article.

If you, too, are looking for semi-exclusive t-shirts to impress your friends this summer, Threadless is a good place to start. Be warned, though, that there might be people you don’t want to be seen with who are walking around with Threadless t-shirts on.

By now the observant reader has probably noticed that I’m a corporate whore.


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