Matthew Good’s latest release, ‘Avalanche’, finally arrived in the mail today. It took five days or so to get it here all the way from Canada, I guess that’s not too bad. At least considering the fact that those who ordered a copy from won’t receive theirs before after the 10th of March. Suckers! So, what do I think of the album? Well, so far it’s OK, but nothing more. Hopefully, the album will grow on me. I’ll give you a more in-depth report when I’ve listened to it for a while.

A new episode of The Animatrix was released a couple of days ago. The Animatrix is a set of short movies based in the world of The Matrix, which you’ve probably heard of. A DVD with all nine episodes are coming June 3rd, but you can download two of the episodes already from the Animatrix site. And two more will be released before the DVD is available. The two episodes so far have been pretty good, so there is a fair chance I’ll buy the DVD when it’s released. If I have any money, that is.