Since Easter last year I’ve tried to avoid food and candy with large amounts of sugar. I’ve done reasonably well, moving from regular to diet soda and not eating too much candy. Yes, I admit I’ve had the occasional chocolate bar just to cheer my up when I’ve started my twelfth hour at work and see no light at the end of the tunnel.

I also make a few exceptions, like Christmas. If you’ve had a look at the calendar lately, you’ve probably noticed that Christmas is coming fast - yes, dates in the calendar are closer than they appear. Because of work I’m not celebrating Christmas with my family this year, but me and Gine will enjoy ourselves in our apartment in Oslo.

We’ve just started the preparations for what could turn out to be the food and sweets orgy of the year by making two large gingerbread doughs. Tomorrow we’re making a gingerbread house and more gingerbread men, women and pigs than you thought were possible without a license. Gingerbread men are sweet enough, but of course they’ll have to be decorated with even sweeter candy. A few friends are coming over to help us out. Too bad the apartment isn’t more spacious.

Hopefully tomorrow’s escapade will not result in me getting back on to the junkie train to candy land.

And now for something completely different: Out of the 150+ photos I took in Australia and Canada, I’ve put one online in the gallery. Enjoy.