Give Me A Beat

After I started registering all the great new music I hear while listening to radio.wazee, I’ve bought quite a few new albums, and I discover new artists almost weekly. Today I got three new albums, two by Armor For Sleep and Coldplay’s latest release, X&Y. I’ve been listening to Armor For Sleep’s first album, Dream to Make Believe for quite some time now, as I was able to dig it up on the Internet. It’s quite good and their latest album, What to Do When You Are Dead sounded even better the first time I heard it. The first track, Car Underwater, is a real gem. Good lyrics and a very catchy chorus.

I’m hoping that Coldplay’s X&Y is better than their previous album. Their first was an absolute killer, but unfortunately the Hard Second Album really turned out to be a hard album for Coldplay, and it’s not even close to reaching Parachutes overall quality. I’m listening to X&Y now, so good so far, hopefully it’s one of those really good albums that grow on you.

Enough about my music rants, I’m not a critic, although my thoughts count just as much as those of the critics: Zip. They don’t have a clue, I don’t have a clue, you\re the one who decide if you like the music or not.

I had planned to go jogging today, but I’m too tired. It doesn’t really matter, because I took my bike to Sognsvann yesterday, so I could use a day to get my strength back. The reason why I’m so damn tired is probably that I’m having the same trouble I had last year. The sun wakes my up way to early in the morning, this morning I woke up at five, for instance and I was wide awake. Unfortunately, I’m not motivated to go to work at five in the morning, so I use half an hour to go back to sleep, just to wake up again an hour later when the alarm clocks starts making its horrible sound. And then I’m dead tired, of course.

Tomorrow I’m getting up when I wake up.


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