No one raised any eyebrows over the previous entry, but I guess that’s because when you see a tall, bald man in a suit staring down at you from the second floor of the hotel lobby, you don’t raise eyebrows nor do you ask questions. You run. You run as fast as you can.

Too bad Hallvard and Terje are both away this week – probably enjoying some time off with their better halfs – they both would’ve gotten the “joke”.

Anyway, after three visits to work today – I’m writing this during my third – it’s about time for me to take a couple of days off. It’s Easter, you know, and even though I’m not a Christian I like the holidays that come with living in a country where Christianity is the official religion. Tonight I’m going home to visit my parents, given that I don’t have to stay here that much longer, and tomorrow The Girlfriend is picking me up and so we can spend a day or two in her home town.

So, if you don’t see anything happening here over the next couple of days, fear not.

I’ve totally given up on the “aircraft on conveyer belt“-problem, by the way, and I’m now looking for a really cheap jet on eBay like Anders suggested. Seeing is believing.

By Vegard Vines Skjefstad

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one of the first (or the first, i cant remember.) private person(s) to go to space in a private built space shuttle bougth his engines on ebay. the craft’s name was SpaceShipOne.

he might have som suggestions as to where you can get real “cheap” engines.

on the other hand.. is Hitman (contracts?) any good?
myself i’ve spent this easter plaing “the elder scrolls IV Oblivion”. something that is highly recomended.

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