Glow Job

I’m still going to the gym at semi-regular intervals. Of course I’ve had no real progression in terms of getting in better shape, but at least I’m not in worse shape than when I started exercising there last year. I’m not sure if that spells “well-spent money”, though. Anyway. Since I stated going I’ve made a couple of more or less (probably mostly less) interesting observations:

I known that it’s important to breathe correctly when working out, in particular if you’re in the monkey room lifting scrap metal about. I can also understand that you are probably exhausted when you’re done working out since you were able to move a lot of heavy weights around in spite of gravity - and when you’re exhausted it feels really good to fill your lungs with air and then slowly let it all out again. But, please, for the love of all things holy, when you’ve been in the shower for ten minutes, it’s about time to stop. I’m in the shower booth next to you and it really sounds like you’re getting a blow job. I can only assume that you’re not, since we’re both in the men’s locker room and I didn’t see any women entering.

The gym I’m going to is not a place where people come to show off, they come to work out. You’d think that this was the case for all gyms, but you need not look for long to find one where the majority of the visitors only come to stroll around with that nice I’m-better-than-you-attitude. Although I personally do not mind the odd hottie present in my field of vision, it’s nice to work out at a place where people are present on equal basis, no matter their physical shape. Of course there are good looking people working out there as well, I don’t say it’s the gym where all the ugly people decided to gather. I’m not sure if I I’m trying to make a point here, if any it’s that I understand why there are show-off-gyms and workout-gyms: No matter how good you looked when you came in, that sweaty, red face does not become you.

For some reason, Muslim guys shower in their underwear. It’s probably a religious thing, but I’m not really sure. Does that make me ignorant? I hope not. Of course, I don’t know if they are really Muslim, but the guys who shower in their undies do look like they come from countries where Islam is traditionally the main religion. After today’s workout a guy fitting the description entered the showers totally nude, effectively destroying the “Muslim guys shower in their underwear” theory. But only for a very short while. He looked like he had forgotten something and was trying very hard to figure out what it was. Then he suddenly turned around, marched out of the showers and returned shortly after - in his underwear.

Does the Qur’an say anything about being nude in public? I’m not sure, but I guess you’ll have a hard time finding a nude beach in Saudi Arabia.

And now for a little something to make sure that at least Klas returns to visit. Another nifty shot from Cali es Cali. I get a little dizzy looking at it, hopefully you’re not having the same problem.


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