All right… Today I almost killed V-Box. I was trying to get the on-board sound card to work, and had to recompile the kernel to add soundcore support. While doing this, I got a lot of warnings, but didn’t pay much attention to any of them. Which was a bad move - of course. Having compiled everything, I restarted the box, but nothing happened. Attaching a monitor revealed the problem. Kernel panic. Since I don’t have any floppy drive attached to V-Box, I feared I had to install Linux from scratch for the fourth or fifth time. But, fortunately, I was able to fix the hiccup with a little help from the Debian boot CD. Me - the computer wiz - not.

But before all that happened, I met with Merete, a friend of Christine’s, one of the people who I went to Brazil with. She’s in town for the weekend to visit a few friends, but they were all busy when she arrived, so she asked me if I could meet her at the train station when she arrived. And of course I could - I’m the kind guy, you know. On my way down to the train station, I accidently bumped into Stine while I was waiting for a green light. As a part of her education, she’s working at a hospital downtown, and she had just left for the day.

The first thing that struck me when I saw her, is how pretty she is. I really whish I also had all the right feelings to be with her. If I had a “:Love Stine Now” switch somewhere, I would certainly have turned it on. But I don’t have that. Life’s a bitch and then you get reincarnated. I hope my karma ain’t too bad.

A new feature was also added today, in the pictures section. You can now rate all the pictures, as you could on the previous version of the picture index thingy. I had over 100 ratings registered for the previous version of this site, but didn’t bother to convert the database to my own setup, so those ratings are lost. Bummer.