On Tuesday I borrowed Need For Speed Underground (Flash warning) from Terje, something that can be characterized as nothing but a bad, bad move. It’s the sole reason why there wasn’t any update for you yesterday, I used all my spare time to play the game. It’s been a long time since I played a game and it was quite fun. It’s rather repetitive, but what the hell - I’ve got a car with neon lights.

Right now I’m listening to Limp Bizkit’s My Generation. Words like fuck and shit are used repeatedly. Or, rather sound effects like pffffft, boing, beeeep and shhhhhh are used repeatedly, because the song is a radio edit, streamed from radio.wazee. It’s damn annoying, so can the people who’re afraid of words like these please just listen to Jessica Simpson and let me listen to good music the way it was meant to be?

Thank you!