Golden Arm.

Looks like I was wrong about the Koss Sporta Pro headphones. With a little help from the SRS WOW technology in my Jens of Sweden (useless without Flash installed) MP3 player. the headphones were able to deliver high quality, crystal clear sound, with enough bass boost to blow my brains out. It felt a little like I had sub woofer strapped to my head. Great sound both on the bus and on the plane to Trondheim this weekend, my latest CD purchase – Airdrawndagger by Sasha (useless without Flash, too) – sounded excellent. Who needs an iPod now, eh1?

And while we’re on the subject of purchasing music. Some people say that downloading MP3 files from the Internet kills the music industry. This might be right in some cases, I guess a lot of kids download a lot of their music instead of buying it, but for some people – like me – the MP3 technology and the Internet have opened the door to a whole new musical world. Take Matthew Good, for instance. The first song by Matthew Good I heard was from a compilation CD Hallvard had downloaded from the Internet. Great stuff, and I ended up buying every new Matthew Good and Matthew Good Band release. Airdrawndagger was an album I ordered after having heard Wavy Gravy on Digitally Imported Chillout and I just ordered What You Thought You Heard by Borialis because their excellent song Don’t Mean A Thing was played on radio.wazee.

In short: MP3 + Internet = The Good StuffTM.

I wrote this entry half a sleep. Try not to notice.

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  1. All right, so I could need the extra space, 256MB is a bit limited when you’re travelling far.

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  1. Yeay for Koss .. :) ..

    Boooh for fake-CDs with stupid ass copy protection.. I say fake because Sony says so.. Alot of (among others) EMI and BMG releases don’t carry the CD brand because they don’t follow the compact disc standard (owned by Sony).. Last night I tried to rip one of my own (yes I bought it .. unfortunatly) “CDs” so I could use it on my PalmOne Tungsten|T3, did that go as planned ?? NOOOOOOOOO..

  2. Did you try CDex? I’ve ripped tons of “copy protected” CDs with that great piece of software.

    I think I’ve recommended it before, too – but you started to complain about the bad OGG-encoder. Or something.

  3. yeah .. CDex hasn’t been released in a new version in ages.. which is sort of good.. but since the encoders is even older a new release with the newest encoder versions would be very nice.. The problem is that I tried using EAC and rip accoring to the √úbernet standard (Hi quality DC sharing group thingy.. :) .. oh.. and btw .. it’s possible to upgrade the Dlls CDex uses to encode to ogg.. so I’m bitching and whining just because I’m lazy .. :)