FrontPage 2003 Ad Typo
All right, no new job for me. I didn’t have the best gut-feeling after the interview, and I’m sorry to report that I was right. The job was given to someone else that very day, and there was a standard better-luck-next-time-letter waiting for me in the post box when I arrived home from Trondheim. Considering this minor bummer, I should probably spend the evening writing new job applications. but I have to admit I’m getting a tad tired of it now, so I think I’ll postpone it till tomorrow.

Some of you might think that I’ve sold out and started to display ads on the site. Not in your wildest dreams. Unless there are some really good money involved. In this case it’s not, and I doubt I would ever advertise for anything I loathe as much as FrontPage. It can be described as nothing but a piece of crap. It sucks. It should be removed from the face of the earth and its creators should be condemned to an eternal stay in hell.

The reason why I show you this banner, is a rather embarrassing typo. If you’ve ever done any HTML, you’ll probably have a laugh when you discover it. The ad has not been tampered with, you can see the original version hosted on the OSDN ads server. Very professional!

My innocent obsession with Janet Jackson’s Super Bowl boob-incident has drawn a rather huge amount of horny teenagers to my site. Not long after I wrote Friday’s entry, it was indexed by Google and the snow ball started rolling. On Saturday the number of visitors to the site actually tripled, most of them redirected from Google. And they probably left rather disappointed as there are no pictures of Janet Jackson’s boob on this site. I repeat. No picture of Janet’s boob. Sorry about that.

If you want to test this yourself, try searching for picture of Janet Jackson’s breast on Google. The last time I tried this, I came in as the second runner up.

I also had a good weekend in Trondheim. Yay for my friends!