Google – you gotta love it

Everybody else have done the Googlism, so why can’t I? Except I actually comment the findings. Because I can.

  1. vegard is from sandane in western norway and has lengthy service behind him as a guide for olden aktiv · Wrong, wrong and wrong again.
  2. vegard is alive · So far, so good.
  3. vegard is getting ?old? and have started to sell wool products · It’s not correct right now, but it might be a good plan for the future.
  4. vegard is back · Yeah, his is back, baby!
  5. vegard is the youngest member of the band · I don’t play in a band, but I occasionally bring out my air guitar.
  6. vegard is nervous · How do you know that? Are you in the room? Hello?
  7. vegard is working as a senior principal in the adminstration department in ict & accounting in city of oslo · Not that I know of, no. And what is ict?
  8. vegard is member of the following associations and organizations · That just don’t make any sense..
  9. vegard is interested in everything square and with wheels · Not, I’m not.
  10. vegard is a blend of ancient lore · Erh… OK.
  11. vegard is too lenient with the savage vermillion and should keep the demonic reptilians under better restraint · I’m doing my best, but those reptilians just won’t listen.
  12. vegard is there now · Technically, that’s always correct.
  13. vegard is 17 years old · No.
  14. vegard is the big chief of tg · That’s the other Vegard Skjefstad, not me.
  15. vegard is doing · What?
  16. vegard is the guy who know the bits and bytes · I know a few bits and bytes, that’s true.
  17. vegard is attending tae kwon · I should, but I don’t..
  18. vegard is now happily married to anniken · A man can dream, can’t he?
  19. vegard is so good at this stuff it’s frightening · What is this stuff you are talking about?
  20. vegard is team space camp’s definite army man · No.
  21. vegard is attending the fire · I probably throw things on the fire.
  22. vegard is 11 yrs · That’s just wrong, too.
  23. vegard is in norway · At the time of writing, yes.
  24. vegard is right in noting the similarities of transnational progressivism with communism · I’m so cool. I can talk about politics. And impress people.
  25. vegard is · Yup.
  26. vegard is young and promising · At least I like to think that.
  27. vegard is very much a vital part of the squad and will featue in the coming seasons · “Cause we need a good water boy like him.”
  28. vegard is ser ut til å være opptatt med noe · Oh, yeah, I’m always busy with something.
  29. vegard is another blow · What?
  30. vegard is doing fine after his operation which has hopefully solved his problem once and for all · Maybe brain surgery would help a little.
  31. vegard is in the house · In da house. I wish.
  32. vegard is an incredible jazz pianist and a great arranger/composer · I wish again. That would’ve been great.
  33. vegard is right about image robot · Thanks, I would hate to be wrong about the image robot.
  34. vegard is tearing up · Sometimes, yes, right now, no.
  35. vegard is doing it in his second · Doing what?
  36. vegard is injured · Mentally, maybe.
  37. vegard is a very accomplished wing · Wing what?
  38. vegard is the guy who allways has the solution · That would’ve been a nice thing. I love solutions.

The bottom line? I’m not impressed.


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