If you don’t have any plans for the weekend, I’ve got two great ideas for you.

The last race of the 2007 Formula 1 season is being held on the Interlagos circuit in Sao Paulo, Brazil, this weekend. It’s very tight in the driver standings, with three drivers having a theoretical chance of winning the championship.

I’m hoping for Alonso, but it seem I’m pretty much the only one doing that except for most of the Spaniards. Even those who hate Alonso should root for him because he once said that that he would quit Formula 1 if he won the championship three times. Let him win this year and you’re rid of the guy. I guess none of us actually believe that he will quit if he wins, though.

Anyway, the qualifying starts at six in the afternoon CET today, while the race is at the same time on Sunday. Check out Formula 1 to convert the times to your local time zone.

If you’re not too fond of high speed car racing, you should run to your regular compute game store an buy The Orange Box for your favorite gaming platform this instant. The game is available for both PC and Xbox 360 now and will be available for PS3 in December. You can also get the PC version from Steam, by the way.

I got my copy yesterday and have played about 10 minutes of Episode 2. The atmosphere Valve is able to create is just exceptional. I have to go though some mines now and I just don’t want to enter them because I know exactly what’s waiting for Gordon Freeman in there. Damn, I love the Half-Life games!

Now me and Gine are heading out to inflate the front tire on my bike. When I tried yesterday day I stopped at a gas station where the tire inflator was broken, so I actually ended up with less air in the tire than I had.


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