Got work? Apartment? Milk?

Order Summary

The clothes are literally ripped away from the store. Today I’ve sold three (3) T-Shirts in two (2) orders. Of course, all shirts are sold to people I know and it’s probably all the shirts I’ll ever sell, but still. Good stuff. I almost bought a Baby Doll T-Shirt to give to Marita on her birthday, but I don’t know her size, and if you buy the wrong size in clothes to a girl - at least if you buy a size too big - you’re dead. Also, her birthday is just in a couple of days, so the shirt wouldn’t get here in time anyway. I just have to come up with something else, then. And I already know what it will be. Marita is moving to Oslo in a few weeks and I’ll give her something that’s extremely useful to have if you’re living in Oslo. No, it’s not a sidearm.

Today parts of the WAP service went down. As in “what the fuck is wrong here, it just died on me”" Luckily only the internal processes were flipping me the bird, everything client-side worked flawlessly, except for the fact that the information available got terribly outdated after a while. I should point out that we were able to find the bug that caused the server to choke, and that it wasn’t my fault this time. The internal system that feeds the WAP server with XML files had suddenly started to send raw data instead of a URL-encoded string, and that confused the WAP server since it’s not configured to handle raw data at the moment. Everything is back to normal now, but for a while I was pretty sure I had to spend most of the evening at work.

I might still stay a while at work. I’m seriously considering getting an apartment here in Oslo and start looking for any kind of work, and the Internet is a good place to look for somewhere to live. I’ll primarily go for work related to my education, of course, but I need to float while I’m looking for that. That probably means I have to take I-just-dropped-out-of-school-work. Five years as a student and you’re flipping burgers at McDonalds. Hooah…

If you’ve got an apartment in Oslo, and you’re looking for someone to rent it, lemme know.


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