There are quite a few camera application available for Android. As far as I can tell, Vignette is the one with the most options, but the demo version is limited to taking 0.3 mega pixels pictures. Even though the full application is a bargain, that doesn’t help me much since Google World Domination Corp. still hasn’t enabled paid application here in the night of the midnight sun.

So I’ve settled with FxCamera, a free application with less options, but it still covers my funky-effects needs. One of the effects is ToyCam, which comes with a load of various options, like green cross-process emulation. During a walk this evening, I took some photos with my HTC Hero.

We also almost stumbled into car crash. We heard some noise up on the road we’d been on just two minutes earlier, but thought it was only some extra loud noises from the trains passing by. All the sirens about ten minutes later proved us otherwise. To be honest, I’m quite happy we didn’t see it happen.