A little slow in the updates lately, and once again I have to blame work. The last two weeks have been a mess, a lot of work with up to thirteen hours on some days plus weekends. We were working our butts off to meet a deadline set by one of our clients, but the day before the deadline they suddenly postponed everything for a week.

Hello? I’ve been working around the clock to reach this deadline and then you go ahead and just move it? Oh, well, no harm done really, I’ve just not been able to be with any of my friends or do any exercise except for my evening pushups and situps, and since I just love to spend all my time at the office, it’s all OK really. Yesterday I actually left work before the sun went down, and it felt really, really scary to see the sun again.

I hope you were able to pick up the sarcasm.

Yesterday evening I’m heading for London again and I’m staying until Thursday night. I was supposed to meet with someone very early on Thursday, so I had to book a flight the day before and spend the night at a hotel to make it to the meeting. But, after I’d arranged everything, they went ahead and postpone the meeting because some key people were unable to attend.

What’s the deal with all this postponing? OK, fair enough, sometimes things don’t go as planned. Now I probably get the time to pick up another season of The Simpsons while I’m there. Suits me well.

Yesterday I saw Team America: World Police with Anne-Line. Not Matt and Trey’s best work; I’d be so frank to say that almost every South Park episode is better than this movie. But it’s not that bad, really. The Kim Jong-il puppet is just excellent, and they do bring up some interesting topics. But it still can’t match South Park. Sorry guys.

Now you’ll have to excuse me, I’m either off to go for a run or I’m going to play Burnout 3 for a while before I meet up with Gunnar for a beer or two.


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