My fever is not getting any better, but it’s not getting a lot worse either, so I guess I shouldn’t complain too much about it.

I’m usually not discussing political questions when posting here, but I just thought I should mention a few things that are going on in the world today: You might have heard of a country down there in Asia called Iraq. And you might also have noticed that there is a trigger-happy Texan currently ruling the great US of A at the moment - no other senator has executed as many criminals as this man in the USA’s peace time history. About ten years ago, this Texan’s father was the president of the United States of America. At the same time, Iraq’s evil overlord decided to attack a small neighbor country called Kuwait - they had oil, he wanted oil. The great US of A went to Kuwait and evicted the bad Iraqis and became heroes. The President also told the evil overlord to get rid of all his weapons of mass destruction, or they would just come back and take over his country.

Now it looks like the Iraqis decided to hang on to their weapons of mass destruction. Or at least that’s what the USA thinks. So they went to a small and insignificant organization called the United Nations and told them to find the weapons or find proof that Iraq had trashed their weapons after all. Or the great US of A would go back to Iraq and do it themselves with force. Some time went by and the United Nations were unable to find any weapons, nor any proof that Iraq didn’t have any weapons.

Unfortunately, this made the Yankees a little mad and they started to send troops to the Middle East to attack Iraq. To the North of Iraq is Turkey. They are not exactly fond of the idea of a full scale war to the South and asked a tiny alliance, which is a member of, called NATO, to help them with their defense in case of war. But a couple of the other countries in this alliance don’t want to start to plan such a defense, because they feel that starting to plan it is the same as saying that war is inevitable. These countries instead want the UN to send more inspectors to Iraq to continue to hunt for weapons.

The US of A don’t want this, because they feel that the UN has already had enough time. The country is only about twice as large as Idaho, and how hard could it be to find a couple of nukes in Idaho? They say that if the UN sends more inspectors down to Iraq, they will attack the country - with or without permission from the UN. To put it short, this means that the United States of America - and the countries in their coalition - will do exactly as they find fit, no matter what other people in the world might think.

Based on all this, and the North Korea nuclear weapons program thing, I predict that within the end of 2005, we will have seen a situation that will be very close to starting, or actually starting World War III. As the good Albert Einstein once said: “World War IV will be fought with stick and stones.”

And if you want to know how Gulf War II ends, you might want to have a look at this simulation.

If I wrote anything wrong above, I can blame it on my fever, it kind of slows down the brain.