Guru Powers Greatly Exaggerated

Looks like I caught a bad case of Beginner’s Luck and that my Guru Powers wasn’t really worth anything. Confident that I was onto something, I started to place small bets at Centrebet, and what do you know…

My “safe” bet on Tunisia against Saudi Arabia yesterday (Tunisia to win, 1.70) didn’t exactly work out as the result was a draw. Neither did my not-so-safe bet on the match between Ecuador and Costa Rica today (Costa Rica to win, 4.20) earn me any money because Costa Rica decided to lose by 3 goals. Despite the losses, I don’t sulk, mainly because of two reasons:

  1. I spent NOK 50, about $8, on each bet.
  2. It’s not my money.

“Not your money”, you ask? Correct. Hallvard and Espen have decided to sponsor my betting through their Centrebet accounts that they don’t really use anymore. Not sure why, but I guess it’s because they want me to get hooked and then start to lend me money at a ridiculous interest rates when I’ve spent all my money on sports betting.

I suspect that Hallvard would do a lot better himself, because he suggested betting on a draw between England and Trinidad & Tobago and with about 10 minutes left to play, the score is still nill nill1.

If you, like me, are stuck at work when the World Cup matches are being played, I certainly recommend The Guardian’s coverage. It doesn’t contain any match statistics and all that, but it’s surprisingly entertaining. From the England v Trinidad & Tobago match in progress now:

60 min: ROONEY HAS KICKED THE BALL He has kicked it. England will win the World Cup now, no worries. That’s right, isn’t it? “I think it’s beyond dispute that Sven is worth every penny of his multi-million pound salary,” suggests Roger Foster. “To turn a team that looks sort of decent on paper into a bunch of totally clueless headless chickens takes a rare sort of talent.”

  1. But the match ended 2-0 to England. ↩︎


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