I’m still exercising semi-regularly and I’m very pleased that I’m able to keep doing just that. My “every-other-day”-schedule tends to slip every now and then, sometimes because I can’t find the time to go, other times because I just don’t feel like exercising.

I probably should go even if I don’t feel like it, but I have come to the (favorable) conclusion that it’s important to me not to force myself to go all the time. If I do that, it’ll probably be a pain in the ass to go every time at some point.

Another thing I have come to realize is that I don’t have the right attitude to get in really great shape. I don’t mind getting tired and break a sweat, but I don’t like getting so tired I can feel the taste of blood in my mouth. So I’ll most likely never run a marathon or compete in Birken, but as long as I keep doing what I’m doing right now, I’ll stay in reasonably good shape.