Hail the Coca-Cola Company

Spring is here. And with spring comes the rain and it’s been raining on and off for the last couple of days. Not that I care very much, I’m only in the rain when I’m on my bike, trying to get from point A to point B. And it’s only water. I would have complained if it was, say, Coca-Cola that was pouring from the sky. Then we would get all sticky and smell like Coca-Cola. And the Coca-Cola Company would have to make billions of gallons of Coke, and then they would probably earn billions and billions of dollars and with that money they could sponsor the US’s next war somewhere. “This war is brought to you by the Coca-Cola Company - Life is Good”.

I think I’m rambling again.

Today’s plan was to start reading for my final end term exam ever, but - you’ve probably guessed this already - it never happened. Better luck tomorrow, then. My meeting yesterday with my project supervisor went much better than I had feared. I also got one more rejection on one of those general applications I sent out. “No need for you right now, try again next year”. I need a job now, not next year, damnit.

I really don’t have the money, and I seriously don’t have the time to play it, but I’m considering buying myself a copy of Conquest: Frontier Wars. I’ve seen it for $9 in some store, which is not a bad price at all and the game had some very good reviews when it was released. I’m a sucker for good games. Even if they are a little old. Since I only have the touch pad on my laptop and no mouse, I might have some troubles playing the game, though.


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