Hail your American Gods

We lost our game yesterday, but only by twelve points or so. We played pretty good and might have won if it wasn’t for our lousy first quarter. But since we lost, I didn’t have to go all the way back to the sports center this morning to play another game. And that suits me just fine.

A couple of days ago, I started reading Neil Gaiman’s American Gods. So far, it’s been pretty good, I like Gaiman’s style and the way he writes. It’s easy to imagine his universe. I’ve also got the complete ingenious Sandman comic in my book shelf back home. It’s written by Gaiman and illustrated by a number of very talented artists and I’ve read through it three times or something like that. It’s great, and if you like things a little dark and thoughtful, I guess you should just run down to your local comic book store right now. Even if it’s Sunday, and you probably have to wait until they open the store tomorrow.

For about a week now, I’ve been considering coding a comments feature for the site, to make it possible for you to comment my entries. But I’m not sure if I’ll bother, considering the low traffic in the guestbook lately. What’s the point of a comment feature when there is no comments? But then again, there might be people wanting to say something about the entries, it’s just not that natural to dump it in the guestbook.

Yesterday I got confirmation from some guy in Opera’s QA department that the bug that mess up the Grey Box World theme really is a bug in Opera and not my fault. So I filed a bug report. Let’s hope it’s fixed in the next release.


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