First of all, an important message to all users of Internet Explorer. Your browser sucks! But you already knew that, and I tell you every time you visit this site. So here’s the really important message: At 10:50 A.M. Pacific Time today, Microsoft released a critical update for Internet Explorer. The update will close the huge security gap in the browser, which enabled the Russian Mafia to get their hands on all your personal information last week. Please note that this is probably not the last critical security breach in Internet Explorer, even Microsoft-owned sites are now recommending that you start using an alternative browser.

I few days ago I started to subscribe to Wired. It’s been ages since I subscribed to a geek magazine. Many years ago I used to get the British version of PC Format in my mailbox every week. It was a great magazine, but I simply just lost interest in gaming. Or I think it was more an issue of spare time, really. Seeing the latest Half-Life 2 trailer made me realize that I haven’t lost my interest in gaming at all. The game looks so good it hurts. Unfortunately, my own computer does not pack enough power to even run the game, but I think one of the desktops at work can perform quite nicely with a new graphics card. Me and Hallvard had some really good times with the original Half-Life when we studied in Grimstad. If Half-Life 2 is just half as good as number one, it’ll be game of the year, no doubt about it.

From computer games to something nerds like just as much: Our girl friends from Cali es Cali. Boob job? Could be, but do we really care?

Yet Another Cali es Cali Babe