Yes, I’ve been using Google Translate again - partly to confuse you and partly to make any Korean readers I might have feel at home. “Hangug-eseo Haengboghage”, or 한국에서 행복하게If all you see here are squares, you need to install some better fonts on your computer. But since you probably would have the right fonts installed if you’re able to read Korean, you’re not missing out on anything if squares are all you see., is supposedly Korean for “Fun in Korea”.

Why am I rambling on about Korea? Because of last weekend’s F1 race from Yeongam, of course. It all started very wet, as I told you all about in the previous Formula 1 thread. So very, very wet. Even though it dried up after a while, race control decided to start the race behind the safety car. Boring. But after quite a few laps, the safety car left the circuit and the race started for real. Championship leader Mark Webber, decided to celebrate that fact by being a bit to throttle happy on the curb, resulting in a spectacular spin where he managed to take poor Nico Rosberg with him and smash both cars to tiny pieces.

The Korean Grand Prix turned out to be a complete disaster for Red Bull when Sebastian Vettel’s engine blew up and caught fire with only ten laps left. In the end it was Fernando Alonso who took the checkered flag - his fifth win of the season. With the results from Korea and only two races left, the championship is still wide open, with several drivers having the championship title within reach.

Here are some selected pictures from the Korean Grand Prix, all borrowed from the official Formula 1 gallery. Enjoy!