Hardware For Sale

Now that the new VBOX is working as expected, I’m getting rid of the old one. I was considering selling it through some auction site, but decided it was a greater chance that someone who visited this site might put the cash on the table. Here are the specs:

Mini-ITX case

It’s certainly not a power house, but perfect as a small home server, fileserver, dev box or wherever your imagination takes you. When I lived in a shared apartment we used is as the resident computer and it played happily along when used for surfing, e-mails, writing text documents and other home office related tasks, everything on Windows XP.

The old VBOX can be yours for just NOK 1000; that’s about USD 174 at the time of writing. If you’re located so that you can’t pick it up, you’ll have to pay for P&P and please note that I’m selling it with no operating system installed and that there is no warranty on any of the parts. Please leave a comment if you’re interested.


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