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Now that the new VBOX is working as expected, I’m getting rid of the old one. I was considering selling it through some auction site, but decided it was a greater chance that someone who visited this site might put the cash on the table. Here are the specs:

  • VIA Technologies EPIA-800A motherboard.
  • 800MHz VIA Technologies C3 Processor
  • 2x 512MB TwinMOS PC133 SDR/CL3 RAM modules
  • Sony CRX100E CD-RW drive (24X4X2X)
  • 80GB Seagate Barracuda ST380021A
  • A GigaByte PCI GN-WP01GS 802.11 b/g wireless card
  • I don’t remember the name of the case, so here’s a picture of it. The
    measures are 190mm (W), 270mm (D), 165mm (H):

Mini-ITX case

It’s certainly not a power house, but perfect as a small home server, fileserver, dev box or wherever your imagination takes you. When I lived in a shared apartment we used is as the resident computer and it played happily along when used for surfing, e-mails, writing text documents and other home office related tasks, everything on Windows XP.

The old VBOX can be yours for just NOK 1000; that’s about USD 174 at the time of writing. If you’re located so that you can’t pick it up, you’ll have to pay for P&P and please note that I’m selling it with no operating system installed and that there is no warranty on any of the parts. Please leave a comment if you’re interested.

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  1. Then you’ve got yourself a deal. Before we close it, I should make you aware of one thing: The C3 Ezra CPU is not an i586 CPU, meaning that you will experience problems with Linux kernels that are compiled for i686 chips. Even if it’s an i586 CPU, Linux distros will detect it as a i686 CPU. For instance, you can’t use the kernel being shipped with the Ubunutu 7.04 Server version, but you can get around this by installing the Desktop kernel (explained on the Ubuntu forums and it works like a charm when I tried) or – if you feel really crazy – compile your own kernel with i586 support. I have not had any troubles with other Linux distros, though, but it’s still something you should be aware of.

  2. That comment was so techically intimidating that I have been unable to answer untill now :) But, even though compiling kernels are not everyday events to me, I think I will be happy with the old VBOX – soon to be renamed DBOX :)