Lately my bike has begun to make some incredibly loud squeaking noises. I’ve been able to trace the source of the sound to the steering. Every time I try to change the direction my bike goes, it sounds like I’m forcing me hand down the throat of a cat and pulling out whatever is normally found inside a cat. And I’m a little worried the whole thing will just break off. My steering thingy, that is - not the cat. If you see someone one yellow bike that makes a terrible noise, it’s probably me.

I never had my hands inside a cat. Did I have to tell you that?

I just realized one of the disadvantages of having this personal site. On the site I write all kinds of things I do and stuff that happens during the day. When I talk to people who I, at least so far, doesn’t have much else to talk about other than my day, and they already know all the stuff I did from my site, I don’t feel I have that much to say to them. And I probably come out all boring and repetitive. Oh, well… I’ll do my best to seem interesting. “I’ve got tons of money”. That should do it.

Today I also applied for another job. Someone in Oslo was looking for a system administrator, and it sounded like a nice job with decent salary. It’s in the aviation business, and planes are cool as long as they don’t fall down.