Head for the bomb shelters!

Quote from Sky News:

He [Ayman al-Zawahri, one of al Qaeda’s senior officials] goes on to say that Muslims should force Westerners from the “land of Islam” by attacking them and “emulating” the September 11 suicide hijackings in the US.

He says: “Oh Muslims, muster your resolve and hit the embassies of America, England, Australia and Norway, their interests, their companies and their employees.”

Emphasis mine. Read the rest of the article, “We want a new Sept 11”, over at Sky News. The Norwegian newspaper Afterposten has a short English summary.

I would, as a Norwegian an all, like to comment on this statement by al Qaeda like this: Huh?!?

Norway is nothing but a mere line on the map. It’s almost at the North Pole. Hell, the Northern part nearly is the North Pole. The country has about four and a half million citizens. Most cities have more. Ask an American where Norway is on the map and he’ll probably say that it’s the capital of Sweden. We’re constantly rubbing other countries’ backs. We have as good as no saying in the world. Norway is a nobody compared to most other countries. We’re not heavily involved in any al Qaeda-related conflict. But maybe that’s the whole point. Maybe al Qaeda wants to set an example. The citizens of no country, no matter how small or insignificant, can feel safe if they’re supporting the infidels. And Norway was just the country they drew out of the hat.

Camilla called me today. She sounded tired and like she wasn’t feeling very well. Which was right. She was tired and didn’t feel very well. So why she called me, I don’t know, I usually try to avoid calling people when I’m tired and feeling bad. I think she was a little afraid she’d sent me some drunken SMSs during a rather moist night. She and friends from her class of hand-wavers - she is learning sign language, so hand-wavers is a pretty good description of them - were out celebrating the start of their summer holiday. But “poor” Camilla had a little too much to drink, and she is now planning to stay in bed until Friday. As we talked, she was able to fill in some of the black holes in her memory. You go back to sleep now, girl. See you on Friday. If al Qaeda doesn’t come to me first.

Knock, knock.


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