Headbanger’s Hall

This was just one of those days I wish I’d never stepped out of bed. Or woken up at all, for that matter.

First off, I’ve been in a generally terrible mood today, for now apparent reason at all. Because of that, I decided not too hook up with Stine as planned. Maybe a bit harsh, but I wouldn’t have been any good company anyway. The idea was not received with much joy by her, though. Then my team played a basketball match that we lost with a terrible result, a game we should not talk about ever again. Some time during the last two minutes of the game, I was elbowed in the temple, saw stars for about an hours, and now my head hurts like hell. I tried to go to sleep, but was only able to sleep for two hours before I woke up again. And now I’m writing this.

The only good things that happened today was that I was finally able to buy new break chocks for my bike, a thing that could have done the day even worse. As I was riding down to the game, I almost locked my front wheel with the new, and way to efficient breaks, and were this close to do a serious faceplant in a very crowded street.

Maybe I should just go to bed again.


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