So. I’m back from my vacation. Can’t say I have missed work that much, really, but not surprisingly I had to go to the office today. Enough about that.

Quick summary of the last two weeks: Relaxing, especially the week in Cairns. It was hot, Canada was a lot colder and when we were in Niagara Falls, it started to snow as well. It’s interesting to see that Canadians are just as bad as Norwegians when it comes to driving their cars in the first snowfall of the season. On our way from Niagara Falls to Kingston we saw four cars that had spun off the slippery roads, one of them was smashed up real good. Hopefully the driver was OK.

When me and Hans Olav flew from London to Montreal our Air Canada flight was tailed by another passenger plane. At one point I looked out the window and the other plane was just three hundred or so meters to the left of ours. About 10 minutes later, it banked right, crossed below us, reappeared on our right side, throttled up and disappeared on the horizon. I don’t know much about airspace regulations, but to me it looked like it was a little bit close.


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