Hello, Ms. Jane

I picked Gine at the airport this afternoon. Of course the plane was a few minutes delayed, but that’s the charm of those afternoon and evening flights. Now she is fast asleep after a 40 hour long journey and very little real rest.

In case you wondered, this is what your girlfriend’s head will look like if she went to Australia, cut all of her hair off and let it grow for about a month before coming back home:

Yes, I asked for her permission to post it. Did you know that hair grows by about 1 centimeter (0.4 inch) every month. Think about that for a second and remember it every time you look at your better half’s precious, long hair.

Being a butt/boob/hair guy and suddenly having one of the Three removed took a bit of adjustment from my side. But now - after a few hours - I’m able to look directly at her without screaming like a little school girl. It wasn’t a complete shock, though, I knew that she would go for that Sinéad O’Connor during her trip. But still…


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