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  1. you should have told me in advance so I could tell you all about the best bars and saunas in helsinki. I have been there a couple of times you know. hehe…

  2. The reason for this is that the Finnish language do not have a single preposition. instead they have something like 16 cases (norwegian: kasus).
    Haloatku norlalainen makkaraa?
    = Would you like to taste my norwegian sausage?

    same meaning in 1/3 of the words. impressive, eh?


  3. As a Finn, I’d like to do some corrections.
    Firstly, we do have not only prepositions but POSTpositions too.
    ‘Would you like to taste my norwegian sausage’ would be in finnish ‘haluaisitko maistaa norjalaista makkaraani’.