Here Comes the Sun.

I have a major problem these days. It’s way too much sun outside. It’s not that I dislike the sun, no, the sun is certainly a great thing. My biology teacher once taught me that, without the sun, nothing could live. And my physics teacher said that in a couple of billion years, it’ll turn into a big, red giant, that’ll probably tear the Earth to a million pieces, right after everything on the planet is well done. So I guess it’s a good thing that it’s up there like it is right now.

At twenty two fifty three Central European Time.

That’s what bothers me. My internal clock tells me that it’s about time to go to bed, as I’m getting up early tomorrow to go to work. The clock on my computer, my alarm clock, the one on my cellular and the radio also tells me that I should consider brushing my teeth and go to bed. But the damn sun tells me something else. It’s still enough light to talk a walk in the park. The sun outside my window could certainly need an off-switch.

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  1. shut up. get used to it. The sun barely sets at all here in Trondheim. And we are well below the arctic circle. imagine what it’s like up north.


  2. And the thing you are looking for is: “Black plastic bag”… very much like the big garbage bags. Used them when I was up North where the sun never did go down.
    But hey, it was kinda cool to go partying and the sun was still up when we went home.

  3. I’m not sure if black plastic bags is something I want to cover my windows with. But it sure would go nice with the minimalistic style of my bedroom.

  4. I am going home tomorrow afternoon and I am bringing my 140 cm harpoon with me. you might read about a 25 year old arrested carrying a weapon on board a bus in tomorrows paper. It’s a chance that would be me.

    wish me luck.

    I will call or send an sms for the mandatory beer call. :-)