Here we go Again...

I just had to do something else than reading for my end term exams today yesterday. Or I might have killed someone or myself. Both options are bad. So I decided to redesign my site (again). Lots and lots of inspiration gathered over at Disinformation. The design and color scheme is more or less the same, but with a personal touch. Hey, don’t look at me that way! At least I’m an honest ripper, man!

In other news, I should mention that I now only have one, en, ein, 1 end term exam left and I’m seriously looking forward to it’s over. I don’t think I’ve ever been looking forward to a vacation this much ever before. I have no idea why, probably just need some spare time and relax some.

In the middle of all the reading, I’ve been able to play two rounds of Space Empires IV and I must admit that I’m starting to get the hang of the game - at the easiest AI level, though. It might be time to move up a level. I really recommend the game! You can download a demo and order it here. Actually, I recommend that you wait with the buying until the Gold edition is released.

Another game I’ve had a look at is Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002. I’ve not been able to play it much becuase my PC sucks and I don’t have a joystick, but I hope to get a joystick for Christmas and that will make the flying experience a little better. And easier. Could use a new PC, too, though… anyone?

Tomas (the ass-kicker) got his black belt in Taekwon-do today yesterday. He did very well at the graduation and was the best one who attended. I guess about 15 people attended, everyone got their belt. Congratulations, man - all that hard work - you really deserve it! Have a look at the cast to see who you should probably not mess with. And if his girlfriend is with him, you should just start running.

Talking about the boyfriend/girlfriend thing. Klas broke up with Kine a few days ago. It was a thing that had been hanging in the air for about a month. She had noticed, I knew, and I guess it was just a question about time before they split up. The details are a little sketchy at the moment, I haven’t been talking much with any of them the last month because of my god damn exams. Gotta do the third degree when I meet Klas during the vacation.

Whoa, it’s getting late! I have to find my bed now, gotta get up early tomorrow to read. Good morning y’all… Yeah, I read on a Sunday. Because I’m a dedicated student? No, it’s because I don’t wanna flunk… See you around, readers, I can’t promise any frequent updating, but I’ll do my best.

note: as the smarter of you might notice, these ramblings were scheduled for posting yesterday night, but my friends over at f2s were giving me a hard time with internal server errors and DNS errors, so I kinda gave it up and postponed the whole thing until this morning.


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