Hey, what’s this?

No updates in two days? Ah, sue me.

It’s Monday. A new week has started. It’s snowing outside. It’ll probably start raining soon. On Saturday I went to see Spy Game and Livvakterna with Hallvard and Kine. Stine and her friend was supposed to go with us to see Spy Game, but never showed up (see the post below). Fortunately, we were able to dig up another guy to join us. Spy Game turned out to be a really good movie, while Livvakterna was more so-so (bob-bob). If you’ve got the choice between Spy Game and Livvakterna, pick Spy Game (no offence, Andreas Nilsson). But then again, Livvakterna is probably just showing in a few contries, so it won’t be a problem for most of you.

After the movie I went over to Stine’s place, where she was partying hard with her neighbour, a few of his friends and some friends of her. Not in any particular ‘drink-till-ya-die’-mood, I ended up drinking water all night, having interesting conversations with drunk people.

Stine is having sort of a hard time with the fact that I’m going away for three months. Partly because it’s three months, partly because I’m going with 3 other guys and 20 chicks. On second thought, I don’t think she knows that. Anyway, she doesn’t like that fact that I’ll be looking at hot Brazilian babes for three months. But she’s not that good a girl herself. At the party she was frequently seen up close and personal with her neighbour (it wasn’t as bad as it might sound), telling some other guy how handsome he was and so on.

It might have been that she did it just to check out my reaction and to see if she could make me jealous or not. If that was what she tried to do, it didn’t work (strangely enough, I must add). But that’s a good thing. If it had worked, I would have spent three months thinking about her in bed with her neighbour and that’s not how I plan to spend those three months. I plan to have fun. Yeah!

And once again, I’m asking myself why the hell I’m writing all this…

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