On Friday I took the bus to my home town to visit my parents and see how Lucas was doing. But I was not alone. The Girlfriend was with me. We’ve been together for about a month now, and she’s already met my parents. I was with Stine for almost two years and she never met them.

There were mainly two reasons for that. First of all, she lived in Trondheim, which is about ten hours by bus from my home town. Secondly, it just didn’t feel natural - for some reason. The Girlfriend lives a lot closer and it felt strangely natural to take her home with me so she could meet my parents.

So I did and everything went well. Not that I’d expected anything bad to happen, but you never know.

Lucas looked good and I took the liberty to take a few pictures of him. He’s not that much a fan of flash photography and he got a little bit startled every time the flash was used. He probably should get used to it. The built-in flash on my 300D is not the best, I’m considering buying a new flash, but I’m not sure if I really need it.