Hi Ya

This weekend has been both extremely stressful and very relaxing.

I had to get up early on Saturday to fix a server with a PCI-X riser card that had gone FUBAR. The voltage sensor on the card showed that the 5V current had gone completely off the charts and a fail safe mechanism had kicked in. For some reason “fail safe” in this context meant that the server was automatically turned off, and it was not possible to turn it back on without removing the riser card.

Excellent. My guess would be that just automatically disabling the riser card should be enough to prevent the system from a complete melt down. That said, I know very little about server hardware architecture and should probably just keep my mouth shut.

Today has been relaxing, at least so far. I got up early, watched two episodes of South Park - the episodes where Eric freeze himself so he don’t have to wait the final three weeks for the Nintendo Wii to be released but accidently ends up being frozen for 500 years. Hilarious. Except for the sex scenes. That just freaks me out.

Then there was this weekend’s Formula 1 race from Spa. Boring. I played some Command & Conquer 3 instead.

Tomorrow it’s Hell on Earth once again. I just can’t help looking forward to the day it’s all over. Actually, it’s the only think I manage to think about.


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