All right, another day goes by without me really noticing it. It’s starting to bug me a little. I get up at around 7, arrive at the office at 8, have tech-related classes from 9 to 15, do piled-up work from 15 to 18, go home, eat, head back to work and spend roughly two hours at the secret gym, bike back home, eat some more, discuss movies and our future as tenants with my flat mate and then - bang - it’s almost time to go to bed.

It might seem like I was able to do a lot of things today, and I stayed an extra two hours at work pulling out my hear. Still, I have the feeling that the day wasn’t really there until it was suddenly over. Is it just me, or is someone secretly stealing from the 1440 minutes I was given at midnight yesterday?

If so, could that someone please stop it? Thank you.

Oh, and I once again updated Terje’s info in the cast.