Home Owner

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I’m the proud owner1 of a 63 square meters one bed room apartment at Vålerenga in Oslo. Soon I will also officially be in so much debt I’ll be sending the bank a considerable amount of my income every month for the next 20-25 years. The plan is to win enough in the national lottery before next year to pay them back.

Here are some pictures taken by the real estate agent:


The apartment is not available until the end of August, hopefully I haven’t forgotten about it then.

In a completely different matter; I’m looking for a simple graphics application for OS X where I can do quick web site mockups. Any suggestions? PhotoShop is way to expensive and GIMP is just annoying.

  1. Given that no one in the tenant-owners association decides to use their right to mess up and buy the apartment from the seller at the same price as my offer. I’m not sure if these rules apply to tenant-owners associations all around the world, but that’s what it’s like here. There is only a slight possibility that it will happen, but as long as there is a possibility you never know. We’ll see. ↩︎


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