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Me, Hallvard and Hans Olav made the mother of all pizzas today. I’d only planned to go for something easy before The Simpsons, but Hans Olav tricked me and Hallvard into some real food instead. Pizza is real food you know, you just have to do it properly. And that I think we did, all three got quite full and there still were some pieces left. They are all gone now, so you don’t have to run down here, Klas.

I also had the opportunity to play some Grand Theft Auto Vice City today. The original Grand Theft Auto was a serious blast, Grand Theft Auto 3 was without doubt the game of the year when it was released. And it looks like Vice City will bring home the same award. It’s like GTA3, but with some nice touches – and it’s even compatible with the lousy ATI Mobility Raedon 7500 graphics card I was dumb enough to tell the Dell people to put in my laptop. GTA3 didn’t like it at all, no matter how much I patched the game and the graphics drivers, and I’ve got some troubles with other games, too, but Vice City runs without any major glitches.

I’m considering to start hosting my website on my own server. Not that I’m not pleased with my current host, Serve The World (.no), but as the control freak I am, I want to know what’s happening on the server. I also want to have access to the latest of server software. I’m not sure when I’ve got it up and running, maybe some time around Christmas, it depends on a lot of things, really. I need to know how to get a proper web server up and running on a proper OS, for one. So, a couple of days ago I bought three books from The Complete FreeBSD, Fourth Edition, Professional Apache 2.0 and Designing with Web Standards. The last book has nothing to do with running a web server, but I’m a web standards guy and Jeffery Zeldman is one of the gurus when it comes to web standards, so there is a good chance his book has some things to tell me. Unfortunately, the books won’t arrive until some time late June. But I’ve got enough stuff to do anyway.

I even remembered to call the old man at home to congratulate him on his birthday today. But don’t ask me how old he is. He was impressed I remembered, and so am I.

It’s getting late. I have to get in bed now, ’cause tomorrow I’m drawing more stick men for my project report. Yep, stick men. And comics.

By Vegard Vines Skjefstad

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unfortunately I am using my entire body at the moment. but I will reconsider when I can manage without something. in the meantime I plan to rent it out to rich, pretty women in their late 20s and early 30s. :-P

I hate to burst your bubble Klas… but I really don’t think rich, pretty women in their late 20s (or early 30s for that matter) need to pay to get their hands on young men without money…

Your best bet is probably old, poor and dog-ugly women (or perhaps even men in the same category).. problem is just that there ain’t much of a career in that line of business..

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