It’s quite hot outside, a good thing since it’s summer and all. My MacBook Pro is also rather hot, and I suspect that that’s not so good. The CPU temperature is now 65 degrees celsius and I think it’s about time for the fans to power up to cool it down a little, but nothing is happening.

Another interesting thing is that the CPU is not really doing anything. According to the Activity Monitor it’s using about 3 to 8 percent of the total capacity. I wonder how hot it gets if I fire up something CPU heavy. Is the fans fucked or is it supposed to be this hot?

Hot Apple MacBook Pro

A quick search on the Googlenet shows that I’m not the only one with the problem. As it turns out, the trained monkeys at the Apple factory didn’t apply the thermal grease correctly on the CPU, the GPU and the North bridge.

The problem can be solved by opening the MacBook Pro, remove the original grease and apply a proper amount of new thermal grease. But It’s not very likely that I’ll do this, since it’ll mess up the warranty.

Will Apple acknowledge the problem and let me hand in my MacBook for repairs for free? So far it doesn’t look that way.

Bad Apple, bad, bad Apple.