House Hunting

Or rather Apartment Hunting, but it doesn’t have the same nice sound to it. Whatever you’ll prefer to call it, it continues.

I contacted one estate broker today and told him that I wold not make an offer for the first apartment I looked at this week. It’s too expensive and I’m paying for a lot of property in the back yard - it’s the size of a middle sized public park - that I probably won’t be using that much anyway. I really don’t think he did mind, although he was keen to sell the apartment. There was an error in the information related to the monthly cost of the apartment that probably scared a few people away from looking at it. Now they’re pulling the ad and waiting a couple of months hoping that more people will show up to have a look.

My writing was interrupted by a car horn honking madly outside on the street. It turns out two guys are having an old fashioned fist fight in the middle of the street. This, of course, sort of blocks traffic and a driver steps out of his car to split them. I’m not sure why they were fighting, but one of them is a taxi driver, the other one driving his own car. The taxi driver calls the police, who turns up with three patrol cars and seven officers, so I guess it’s not much to do for the cops on a Friday evening.

Having my 300D easily available, I took the liberty to take a few pictures. But nothing really happened after they were split, so it’s nothing to post. That’s the beauty of the interweb, do something stupid and the world knows about in an instant.


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