Things didn’t turn out exactly as planned today. The sun decided to stay hidden behind a thin layer of clouds, so I never ended up reading Preacher in the park. Instead I cleaned about half of the apartment, because I realized it was my turn to do it again. It’s always my turn, I think someone might me rigging the list. Between the cleaning I played GTA: San Andreas. I had to play from the beginning again because I’ve finally managed to copy the DVD to the hard drive, which dramatically decreases the load time, and I’ve applied the Hot Coffee modification. I’m a pervert, I know.

Today I also took my bike all the way to Tryvann. I tried to get Terje to play basketball with me, but he was too busy. I think he’s scared he’ll loose badly. Nice trip, a little too hot and my legs probably won’t work very well tomorrow. But it was worth it, I even caught up with a guy on the way up and totally crushed him. If I can call beating him by a few hundred meters to the top crushing. Probably not, but still. I overtook someone up the hills, and it’s my first trip to Tryvann this year, too. Yay!

Wanted: Proof-reader.