How to clean up our contaminated gene pool

I’m starting to suspect that I’m missing a very important gene. Some gene that’s responsible for keeping a person’s concentration while doing something boring. Like reading for a god damn exam! I tried to look it up in The Genome Database just to be sure that I knew what I was missing out on, but all I could find was the less known GDB:371401 and some data that meant nothing to me and probably nothing to any of you either. The point is that I’ve got my final exam ever tomorrow, and that I’ll be very glad when I’m done. If I don’t flunk, that is. Then I’ve got one more try before they kick me out of school. I thought that this was my last try, but I checked up on the rules today and it turned out I’ve got one more shot at it if I mess things up.

The address to this site is given in my resumé, which means that there is a slight possibility that some potential, future employer of mine would drop by, since I’ve sent my resumé to quite a lot of companies. So I probably should clarify why this is my third try on a rather simple exam. During the winter of 2002 I spent three months in lovely Brazil (have a look at some picture from the trip and start dreaming). In Brazil I studied philosophy and ethics and I was also following the classes at my university. One semester is normally 10 career points. That semester I tried to swallow 20 career points, but where only able to bring home 18 point 5 of them. But still. I’m one hell of a workhorse, you just pay me tons and tons of money, give me a good office with a p0rn-star looking secretary, a broad band connection at home, a PowerBook G4 and the occasional beer, and I’ll be your friend forever!

Yeah, that paragraph was probably über-kill. And it made me look like a self-absorbed rectum, whatever that looks like. But better safe and employed than sorry and unemployed.

Spring has arrived, which means that my pollen allergy will kick in soon, probably some time in late June, early July. I’ve started to flip my daily dose of allergy medication to build up some resistance before the shit hits the famous fan. And when we’re talking about genes, I guess that things like allergies and asthma are conditions that would exist today if it wasn’t for the fact that evolution took the paths it has taken. If man had stayed relatively stupid. but still able to hunt down its daily share of dinosaurs, all asthmatics, for instance, would have been wiped out millions of years ago. Have any of you asthmatics ever tried to run away from a sabre-toothed tiger? Or would an allergic, eyes running, see the mammoth herd that’s coming thundering towards him? Voila! A clean gene pool.

You could of course argue that both asthma and allergies are products of modern society and are conditions that didn’t even exists back in the dinosaur days, but then I would just call you a cantankerous little bugger and you would behave and shut up.

No update for you yesterday, and you want to know why? Because I was reading for my exam all day and I was with Camilla all evening. And she’ll continue to be The Mystery Girl for a while, so don’t exhaust yourselves, you dirty ol’ scallywags, you.

Today’s recommended links are Kaliber10000 and Cuban Council. When I grow up, I want to be just like them.


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