It’s been a while now since people have become all worked up and nasty about things I’ve written or put on display on my site. And when they have, it’s usually because of pictures of the opposite sex, in my case women. My unknown friend “why” comes to mind, whose entries in the guestbook like

u are making me puke by adding those pictures of those stupid girls with no brains on your homepage…yeah so they got breasts, but kan they calculate a triple intergral? what do u really want in a girlfriend? silicone?

really spiced things up. Oh, those were the days…

The reasons for her (or his) outrage were four innocent posts, entry #220: Danish party-chicks bowling for free in Columbine, entry #225: Danish chicks - you just gotta love ‘em, entry #281: Tired of wars and viruses, rambling on about chicks and entry #282: I couldn’t come up with a good heading. From time to time, sites with ΓΌber-hot chicks partying and dancing pops up on the Internet. Entries #220 and #225 are from such a site with Danish girls, that surfaced in January this year. The two other entries features pictures from a site with Austrian girls with the same…erh…gifts.

There’s been a while since I’ve seen such a site now, meaning that I’ve heard nothing from why in quite some time. Why, where are you? We miss you! If not for anything but to bash your comments. So, to get her/him back, I’m posting a small collection of the party-chicks we are blessed with here in Trondheim. As I mention in the about section: Trondheim is a surprisingly nice city to live in at times.

Norwegian Party ChickNorwegian Party ChickNorwegian Party ChickNorwegian Party ChickNorwegian Party ChickNorwegian Party ChickNorwegian Party ChickNorwegian Party ChickNorwegian Party Chick

All pictures ripped shamelessly from It’s a Norwegian site, but it’s rather intuitive how you get to the gallery, and I guess that’s where you wanna go. But if you’re too stupid to find it, here is a direct link to the gallery.

I know that people from Trondheim visit my site from time to time. Maybe you know any of the girls in these pictures? Or maybe “why” is even one of them!