How To Write a Good Project Report:

1. Buy loads of bricks and cement. 2. Build yourself a 2 by 2 by 2 meters cube, preferably in the middle of nowhere. 3. Be sure to make the walls thick enough to prevent any sound from getting in. 4. Try not wall yourself in. Remember that the structure is sound proof, screaming for help will not do you any good and you’ll die a horrible death. Unless you bricklaying sucked. 5. Hoe a hole for a soundproof door of your choice. 6. Insert chosen door. 7. Get your hands on some diving equipment; you need an oxygen bottle and that thingy they breathe through. 8. Steal equipment for intravenous feeding and some “food” from a nearby hospital. 9. Drill a hole for the electrical cable to your PC. 10. Place a chair and a table in the centre of your 4 square meters office. 11. Place your PC on the table. 12. Hook it up. Make sure there is no Internet connection available. 13. Uninstall everything on your PC except for the operating system. 14. Install a dead simple word processor. 15. Or even better, write your own operating system that consists of nothing but a word processor (that would have to be done before you starting working on the report, smart ass). 16. Buy a timed lock for the door. 17. Take the intravenous equipment and the diving equipment with you into your cube. 18. Set the timed lock to 8 hours. 19. Lock the door with the timed lock. 20. Remember to breathe as little as possible, as the oxygen in your tank won’t normally last for 8 hours. 21. Write your project report.

Good luck.


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