Humperidoo, my friends

It’s now past eleven in the evening and I’m just beginning to realize that I don’t know dick for my exam tomorrow. I’ll probably spend a few more hours going through the syllabus. Writing all this about me probably not getting very good grades on my end term exams this semester is probably not a very smart thing, considering the fact that the address to my homepage is in the signature of the e-mails I sent to 20+ potential employers. Maybe that’s the reason I haven’t heard from that many of them…

To: My summer-job employer. From: Vegard All the stuff I’ve been writing on my homepage about bad grades and all is just BS. I’m actually a straight As student, who has to pretend that he is not doing very well because he spent a little too much time in Brazil this semester, just so that he doesn’t get bullied by his fellow students. Thank you.

I have to get up at 5:30 tomorrow to catch my plain to Oslo. Bad. I bought The Settlers IV today, just in case I don’t a job this summer. And I found some new and very nice music for you: Ugress. Wish me luck tomorrow. Be glad you don’t have an end term exam! Or maybe you have - then poor you!


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