Yesterday evening I spent with Klas (at least some of the evening, because he decided to dump us in favor of some party, probably with a lot of hot chicks. It’s all about prioritizing…), Kine, Stine, Håkon and his sister Anne. We ate a nice casserole and saw Joy Ride. Not that good a movie, but I’ve seen worse. Might have a review for you in a couple of days. Are you there, Candycane?

Today me and Hallvard had ourselves a great salmon dish. Apparently, there are way too many dead salmon around these days, so the price is fairly low. And now I’m full and I have no idea how I’m going to get down to Stine’s place tonight as I promised. I’ll most likely roll down.

I took this Slacker quiz today. Turns out I’m not a slacker at all. That might explain why I read two rather dry articles about Requirements Engineering on a Sunday. Or it might be that I’m a tad behind schedule and should’ve done it on Friday. I don’t know.

People who use pop-up windows on their sites should all be lightly smacked in the head with a bat.