I Love This Week!

Why am I taking a picture of a bus sign when I should be on my way to work on my bike? Well, possibly because there is no bike to ride to work!

Could the inbred motherfucker who stole my bike last night please return it immediately!? The bike was last seen outside an apartment buildning in the far end of Bygdøy Allé, secured with a big ass bike lock. How they were able to open it is beyond me, but they did. The bike is a black Gekko Frecko (it doesn’t look as gay as it might sound) chassis #WS04022988, with front shocks and a chain that could need some grease. A small part of the left gear shift indicator is missing and the bike is marked with a Falken security tag.

This is not the end of the world, the bike was insured and I’ll get a new one. It’s just annoying. Why can’t you people cut your hair and get a real job instead of stealing my hard earned stuff, eh?

Picture taken with a Nokia 6230


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