I, TV Star

Today at work we had a visitor from Denmark who wanted to watch the Mobile radio service we’re operation for the NRK. We stream radio to mobile phones. “What’s the point of that?”, you might ask. “A lot of mobile phones come with a built in radio”, you might argue. “You guys are stupid”, you might laugh. But, think again. Yeah, some high end, and a few mid range, phones now come with a built in FM radio. But to use it you always (at least on all the models I’ve seen) have to have the hands free kit attached because the phone use the cord as an antenna. With our solution, you don’t need the antenna. Also, we’re also utilizing the data stream to send metadata in the video track of the stream, short news excerpts, programme information, song and artist information, album covers and whatnot. In short; a killer service you know you want to use.

But enough of the shameless promotion.

The Danish guy wanted to know all there was to know about the radio service. Most people we meet bring a notepad and a pen, the more tech savvy tend to use a small, portable computer to make their notes. This fella brought a huge Sony camera, two light rigs and sound equipment. As it turns out, he likes to make small documentaries instead of taking notes. So today I’ve been sitting in front of a camera, telling him about our solution. Those of you who know me, know that I just love to be in front of the camera.


I loathe it.


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