I want my X-Box!

Or a PlayStation 2 for that matter. A domestic newspaper, Aftenposten, has come up with the brilliant idea to give away all kinds of stuff for no apparent reason. All you have to do is to be the first to send them an e-mail with a lucky number as soon as it’s displayed on some page. They are usually giving away junk, but last Friday they gave away a PlayStation 2. I sat for half an hour, refreshing the lucky number page, with Opera’s great “Reload every…” function set at 2 seconds. A mere second after I saw the number, the mail was sent. But some wanker beat me to it! And the same thing happened today, when they gave away an X-Box. Damn.

The only consolation is that the X-Box came with no games. Haha!


Of some strange reason, the talkback seems to refuse to save your information, even if you ask for it. It worked on my dev-server, though. Gonna have a look at it some time later. I need to shave, too. Should probably also mention that the famous textads are working, as reported in the talkback.

Cathrine called me twice last night. Unfortunately, I wasn’t looking at my phone when she called and I had the sound turned off. But that really didn’t matter much anyway, since she wasn’t the one calling me, her phone was living a life of its own in her purse, probably calling everyone she knew.

But now, back to the report.


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