If everything seems to be going well…

…you have obviously overlooked something. I know that now.

In ten days or so I’m handing in my project. I’ve been working on it since early January, and to be honest with you, I’m a bit tired of it. A couple of days ago I handed my supervisor a close-to-finished version of my report, so he could read through it and give me a few pointers if he found anything that could be done better. After that I abandoned the report and started doing some tune-ups in my code instead.

But the joy was short. Today he called me and now I’m sitting here with five hand-written pages with corrections to my far-from-finished report. I thought it was good. He thought it was good, too, he said, but there obviously were some room for improvements. That he gives me his qualified feedback is a good thing, since I want the report to be as good as possible. But it’s a bit damaging to my morale when the changes are as heavy as they are.

The weather forecast for tonight is cloudy and showers, not the best weather for a solar eclipse, but I’m still getting up. Maybe I’ll just work on my report.

I had planned to write a couple of lines of how useless I am when it comes to fixing my bike, but this whole project thing just knocked all the air out of me. Screw that.

By Vegard Vines Skjefstad

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You’ll do just fine with your project report. keep the spirits high. remember that you’re the one that knows this project inside and out. :-)

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